Utica Creep

These is a Preproduction of three songs for a demo with my last band before I left germany.
Thanks for the nice time!

Utica Creep – DemoUtica Creep

Recorded 2012

Your demice

Utica Creep – Your Demice (Rough-Mix without vocals)

No Return

Utica Creep – No Return (Rough-Mix without vocals)

The Darkside

Utica Creep – Darkside (Rough-Mix without vocals)

Smoke The Sky

After some members changed and I left the band in 2010 the Band renamed
from Sustain Damage to Smoke The Sky.They recorded this album including songs
I’ve written riffs and arrangements for.
Nice record guys!

Smoke The SkySmoke The Sky – Leave This World Loud

Recorded 2012

The Blade (alias Chainsaw Lovesong)

Smoke The Sky – The Blade (alias Chainsaw Lovesong)


Smoke The Sky – Patchwork

Dead Pussy Cat

Smoke The Sky – Dead Pussy Cat

Follow Me Down

Smoke The Sky – Follow Me Down

When The Good Ones

Smoke The Sky – When The Good Ones

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Alex Nees (alias Axl McRed)

Red BusinessAxl McRed
Red Business

A tryout to compose a minimal track
Recorded 2011

Axl McRed – Red Business


Axl McRed vs. Sekru

NixdaAxl McRed vs. Sekru

My friends from Sekru Augsburg composed this hiphop track.
I thought it needs a bit guitars… that’s it! The Summerhit 2011 ūüôā
Recorded 2011

Axl McRed vs. Sekru – Nixda


Axl McRed vs. BrowZweitausend

Breakbeats with guitar! Thanks to my friend Brow from Augsburg!

SpätzläääAxl McRed vs. BrowZweitausend

The 5th track,
Our answer to Rammstein. A recipe of a swabian-german dish.
Recorded 2011

Axl McRed vs. Brow2000 РSpätzla


IgnitionAxl McRed vs. BrowZweitausend

The 4th track
Recorded 2010

Axl McRed vs. Brow2000 – Ignition



Funk #23

Axl McRed vs. BrowZweitausend

Funk #23

The 3rd track, Recorded 2010

Axl McRed vs. Brow2000 – Funk #23



InvasionBrowZweitausend – Invasion

Brow’s first Album with 2 tracks featuring me ūüôā

Bang Tha Head

The 1st track, Recorded 2010

Axl McRed vs. Brow2000 – Bang Tha Head

Fly With Me To Breakbeat-City

The 2nd track, Recorded 2010

Axl McRed vs. Brow2000 – Fly With Me To Breakbeat-City

Axl McRed vs. Patrick Bedat

This is a Preproduction with a bandcolleague from my previous band My Scary Mind.
Thanks for singing dude!

Unconscious Liesunconscious lies

Axl McRed vs. Patrick Bedat – Unconscious Lies





Sustain Damage

The first band with potential to succeed.
We made it through 3 levels of the biggest bandcontest in the world – Bodogbattle.
It was nice to fight alongside you guys! Thanks!

Sustain Damage

Sustain Damage – Same named Album

Recorded 2007

Chainsaw Lovesong

Sustain Damage – Chainsaw Lovesong


Sustain Damage – RTV

Corpus Kitty

Sustain Damage – Corpus Kitty

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  1. by Sascha

    It’s been a joly ride old friend!!

    • by Alex Nees

      hahaaa….for me too!

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