Motion Graphics

  • Sustain Damage – Chainsaw Lovesong
    Sustain Damage – Chainsaw Lovesong Musicvideo for my previous Band. Yes, that's me with that long hair ;)
  • FC Ingolstadt – Arena screens
    FC Ingolstadt – Arena screens My personal edit for the stadiumscreening of a german football club
  • Augus Theater Intro
    Augus Theater Intro Opener for gathered film recordings of the Theater
  • Unter Medienleuten – TV Intro
    Unter Medienleuten – TV Intro The Bavaraian academy for television has it own talkshow...
  • Showreel Intro Showreel Intro My personal introduction...
  • TSO – News screening
    TSO – News screening The swissian television company TSO needed some screens for their news format. That's it!
  • Unipigsal for
    Unipigsal for A Universal gag
  • The Waiting Room – Filmlet Intro
    The Waiting Room – Filmlet Intro Titledesign for a filmlet of a friend
  • BMW – Multi menu DVD
    BMW – Multi menu DVD Choose 5 Videoclips for a random play...
  • Audi – Image movie DVD menu
    Audi – Image movie DVD menu DVD Menu Design for the Audi Image Movie
  • Audi R8 – DVD menu
    Audi R8 – DVD menu This is the Audi R8 Showreel DVD Menu
  • Audi R10 – DVD menu
    Audi R10 – DVD menu DVD Menu for the Audi Racing Sports Movie