About me

Before graduating as VFX artist, I was working as Junior Art Director. There I gathered a lot of experience in desktop publishing in all fields from layout to production. My lively interest for motion picture & sound as well as for multimedia productions brought me to dicentia GmbH, Munich, which is one of the leading full service providers in Germany in the field of digital media. There my main tasks were editing, compositing and DVD authoring.

To intensify my capabilities in creating motion pictures, I applied for a college place at the Bavarian Academy for Television (Bayerische Akademie für Fernsehen e. V, BAF) and really was one of the few lucky ones, they selected. My preferred study course was 3D Animation & Visual FX, which I successfully finished in 2009. Since then, I’m working as a freelancer in the fields of graphic & webdesign plus motion graphics.

In August 2012 I decided to change my life. To gain experience and to improof my english I started traveling the world. While recording adventure sports in Nepal and working as photograph for one of asians biggest exporters of dry fruits in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, I found my passion for video- and photography.

Which challange do YOU have for me?